internship programme

 DCU Marketing Department Internship Programme

 in association with DCU Media Production Society

We are currently in the second year of our Internship Programme. Running yearly from the end of May, with full time hours during the summer months and flexible part-time hours to fit around the interns’ studies throughout the academic year.

All internships offered are paid at the current DCU student helper rate.

The three internships available are:

— Graphic Design Internship

— Marketing and Web Internship

— Video and Photography Internship

These roles are ideally suited to incoming 2nd and 3rd year students. You do not need former experience for this role, but commitment and attention to detail are key requirements.

All applicants must be a current member of the Media Production Society.

We will advertise these roles through the Media Production Society in March / April 2020.

If you think one of these roles is for you, please send along samples of your work, a CV and a personal statement that outlines who you are and why you think you would be a great fit as one of our interns.

If you are interested in applying for our Internship Programme for 2020-2021 intake please contact:

Katy Halpin

What our students say

“I have learned a huge amount about video and photography from this internship. Primarily, I have gained an in-depth knowledge of how to work professional standard cameras and their accessories. Along with this, my editing skills have also improved a huge amount. Something I found very beneficial was learning to work with strict brand guidelines, and learning to adapt content for different social media platforms. Some of my highlights from the internship include covering big university events such as the opening of the U, and ANAM, and also getting to practice my presentation skills across various projects.”

Alice Linehan

Communications Student / Video and Photography Internship


"Working with the DCU Marketing team has been an amazing experience. I'm currently a 2nd Year Multimedia student and this internship has allowed me to gain vital, real-world experience at an ideal point in my course. I have learned so many new things in relation to design and marketing such as; general design principles, working with a brand, project management and working with clients.

I feel that the internship has given me a massive boost in learning how to work in a professional environment and it's something that I think will be highly beneficial for when I finish my degree."

Aidan Byrne

Multimedia Student / Multimedia and Graphic Design Internship


“I have worked on many large campaigns that have run in DCU such as the Open Days campaign, the DCU Connected campaign and am currently working on the CAO campaign which is the biggest of the year. Working on these huge campaigns has taught me to pay attention to detail, work with deadlines and come up with creative new ideas to engage our audiences.


The highlight of my time working as intern here would have to be seeing a campaign that I have worked on taking off. When you see all the elements coming together such as the social media content getting attention, billboards in the city, radio ads and so many more elements that make a great campaign, it makes you proud that you have worked on it.”

Chloe McDonnell

Communications Student  / Marketing Internship