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School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Undergraduate Programmes

There are four undergraduate programmes on offer by the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (one a joint degree with the School of Electronic Engineering); therefore a potential student would have a wide variety of programmes to choose from. These programmes aim to expand the capabilities of potential upcoming engineers by equipping them with a wide variety of modules.

The first year is a 'Common Entry' to engineering - you will learn a broad base, and decide which degree you wish to enter at the end of the first year. More about Common Entry into Engineering - a popular option for students who wish to get a broad engineering introduction, and go on to specialise in a mechanical engineering degree option in second year of study.

What About Maths?

If the Mathematics Leaving Certificate exam didn't go quite according to plan, or you didn't take the Higher option, don't forget to check out the Open Opportunities in Engineering. Registration on the Open Opportunities in Engineering Course is based on Leaving Certificate results but takes place outside the CAO process. Admission is based on an interview, during which DCU Engineering staff will attempt to identify elements in an applicant's history that would indicate that they would have a reasonable chance of succeeding on a challenging Honours Engineering programme.