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Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre (APT)

The Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre (APT) is a leading international research centre which provides significant translational benefit to the wider community. Research projects undertaken within APT are conducted to a world-class level and support local and international enterprises. The APT research group has established a strong infrastructure of equipment and people in processing technologies. The research focus is on production technology, sustainable technology, micro and nano technology, and advanced engineering materials. The Centre’s core competence in processing technology is a vital enabler of competitive advantage for indigenous and international companies. APT has a significant track record engaging with companies and international research institutions to provide bespoke solutions for clients.

Enterprise Process Research Group (EPRG)

In global, competitive, fast-moving industries and services, companies are continually trying to respond in novel ways to customer needs. To succeed, they need to achieve best performance from people, materials, facilities and data capabilities. At EPRG, we use advanced modelling to understand how systems respond, so decision-makers can feel confident their choice of inputs will improve the firm’s output. Using models as a basis, and experimentation for optimisation, we provide an evidence-based approach for improving systems and increasing competitiveness.

EPRG is to the fore in developing solutions for sustainable manufacturing systems. In earlier research, we found that, despite the variety of manufacturing systems and product types, all companies face similar competitiveness challenges in responding to the demands for rapid change in their factory configurations and output while ensuring the quality of goods delivered.

Centre for Medical Engineering Research (MEDeng)

Ireland is a leading hub of medical device and technology development. The Centre for Medical Engineering Research was established to support this med-tech sector through collaborative research, consultancy and training of researchers.  At MEDeng, our work is directed towards the development of improved medical devices and implants. MEDeng researchers work at the frontiers of biomaterials science, biomechanics and bio-manufacturing processes in pursuit of these aims. Our recent activities have been in the fields of cardiology, orthopaedics and wound-care. This high-impact research provides intelligent design solutions, innovative experimental techniques and devices, and predictive models for how devices function within the human body.  We collaborate widely with scientists, clinicians and the medical device industry at national and international levels.


waterTech’s research focus is the treatment of drinking water and waste water, and the management of water and waste water infrastructure. We win funding from national organisations like the Environmental Protection Agency, Science Foundation Ireland and Irish Research Council for research and innovation that supports safe, reliable, energy-efficient systems. We collaborate with industry leaders such as JFC and Sulzer, as well as environmental research and innovation centres like QUESTOR at Queen’s University, Belfast.