School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Student Fireman Robot Competition

The Fireman Competition was held recently as part of the third year module MM342. As part of the module, the students build a fireman robot, which must climb a rope on the day of the competition, with a bucket of water in the fastest time possible, with time penalties for spilling any water. The project gives students an opportunity to work in teams, and put the theory they have learned in lectures into practice.

The robot has is powered by a pneumatic piston, which is controlled by an electronic system designed by each group of students. In order to keep the water spillage to a minimum the robot also incorporates a suspensions system with parameters and characteristics carefully selected by the students.

The project is a real engineering experience, timed crucially before they enter industry on INTRA work placement. Students work as teams, using drawings they have prodcued in the first semester of third year in MM341, to build their robot before a strict deadline.

Pictured above are Donnchadh O' h-Ainle, Stephen Delaney, Robert Moore and Sabawoon Shafaq, with their winning robot. Their robot was the fastest ever seen in the competition, climbing the rope in an amazing 3.05 seconds.