Family Business Continuity Programme

This programme provides family businesses with the knowledge and tools to implement governance structures for the enhancement of competitive success across generations. International family business experts lead the lessons and workshops, sharing best-practice insights from informed practice and cutting-edge research.


Programme content

Across three days, the programme immerses participants in the knowledge of the unique and valuable contribution family businesses make to the national economy and local communities. Models of family business and best practice guidance are taught via online engagement and innovative collaborative exercises with other participants and family members.


Who can attend?

The programme is specifically designed for family businesses ready to prepare for next generation growth and continuity. Tailored to exercises on governance, the programme will help family businesses that have transitioned, or are about to transition, for example from the founder(s) stage to the sibling and/or cousin stage. We encourage that the CEO attends and be accompanied by at least one other family member.