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The global plasma technology industry is estimated to be >$100bn and rapidly growing.  Plasma science and technology is a platform that underpins numerous technological applications that are used in numerous industries including, semiconductor and microsystem manufacture, surface engineering of mechnical components and medical devices, environmental, lighting and energy.

The National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology is a strong multidisciplinary research centre comprising of research staff from the Faculty of Science & Health and the Faculty of Engineering & Computing at DCU.  The Centre consists of approximately 80 members carrying out research under well funded programmes in basic science, technological applications and industrial collaborations.  The mission for the Centre is to be:

  • A world class centre for plasma related research
  • A national centre for education, training, and industrial support
  • A national centre that translates research outputs into economic and societal benefit

The core competence is the combined depth of knowledge in basic plasma and related scientific knowledge amongst the NCPST team and this is evidenced through our a strong international reputation, proven publication and citation track records, training & education programmes specifically for industry, strong international collaborations and significant scientific discoveries.

In leveraging a solid foundation in basic scientific understanding and capability, the centre is organised into 5 application theme areas: