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Idea -> technology evaluation -> product concept -> potential market -> commercialisation

Potential Routes to Market

  • Patents & sell licences
  • Tech Transfer to industrial partner
  • Start-up
  • Consultancy

Plasma Technology is a .platform technology. and as such covers an extensive range of both fundamental and applied areas. Within the NCPST there is an extensive number of research project being undertaken from fundamental to applied with application areas of semiconductor manufacturing, fusion energy, medical devices ...

The NCPST will

  • establish a technology commercialisation information desk
  • facilitate its members and partners in the management of intellectual property
  • will provide information on support mechanisms available to fund both IP management and collaborative projects
  • provide assistance in applying for these support initiatives
  • where there is a collaborative project (short or long term) with an industrial partner the centre can negotiate terms for the management of IP

The NCPST is sourcing Venture Capital Seed Fund partners with the objective of support the commercialisation of aspects of the Centre.s research activities.