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Welcome to Fusion


With environmental requirements for zero or low CO2 emission sources and the need to invest in a sustainable energy mix, new energy sources must be developed. Fusion Energy has the potential to provide a sustainable solution to global energy needs and in particular provide a continuous baseload power supply which is sustainable, large-scale and environmentally responsible, using fuels that are universally available.

The NCPST  is part of a large scale international scientific experiment that is exploring the ability to produce commercial energy from Fusion.

The conditions required to induce a self-sustaining fusion reaction are almost unbelievably extreme: A temperature of millions of degrees must be produced. This is very hard, but it seems to be close to realisation. In the last few months, the ITER project has been launched with the aim of demonstrating a burning fusion reaction. This international  project  of which NCPST is partner will be focused at a site in the south of France where the test reactor will be built. Inside the reactor will be a very hot plasma where the fusion process occurs. The NCPST will be committed with our collaborators elsewhere in Europe to help in the development of the heating systems for the ITER reactor. These heating systems are used to ignite the plasma at the start of the reaction, and subsequently to help maintain the burning fusion reaction. NCPST expertise in plasma measurement, modelling and related technologies will be committed to the Iter project.

ITER Project

The Euratom fusion R&D programme has its focus on the construction of the world's largest energy research project, ITER, which brings together 7 global partners representing more than half the planet's population and 80% of the world's GDP. Euratom research in this field aims at harnessing the energy that powers the sun and the stars, in other words, the energy that makes life on Earth possible. Europe is represented in this project by F4E (Fusion for Energy) and Ireland's contribution is managed by The NCPST at Dublin City University.

In conjunction with the scientific research into this project the ITER facility at Cadarache is well under construction and with a procurement fund of approx. €6bn there are many opportuinties for Irish Engineering,Project Management , ICT and Construction firms. To view progress on the ITER project click here.

Further information

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