Industry Opportunities

Industry Opportunities

ITER is the world’s biggest Fusion Energy research project to demonstrate the viability of Fusion as a sustainable power source. This is the world’s largest Science and Technology cooperation endeavour. Under this project an experimental Fusion Reactor is currently being constructed at Cadarache in Southern France with the objective of creating 500mw   of power from an input source of 50mw.

FUSION FOR ENERGY (F4E) has a European Procurement Fund of circa €6bn available to build a Fusion experimental Facility at Cadarache – South of France. This Construction project which is the largest Fusion experiment in the World is currently underway and their are opportunities for Irish companies for Irish companies to tender for work packages and /or form partner consortia.


The video link below introduces  Laurent Schmieder, F4E’s Project Manager for the ITER construction site, buildings and power supplies, who gives a guided tour on the site and details the volume of works that it will undergo during this year 2013.

Registered Companies can look for Partners to form consortia or talk to ILO (

Steps to Register

  1. Register on the F4E Industry Portal website
  2. Commence Pre Qualification details
  3. Inform ILO of interest in Projects
  4. Seek Partnerships/Consortia