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DCU greets Arizona partner in transatlantic Strategic Alliance
Thursday 28 June 2007

Kevin Hunt
Professor Michael Crow, President of ASU

The transatlantic strategic alliance between DCU and Arizona State University is formally marked this week by the visit of Professor Michael Crow, President of ASU, to the campus to talk about his revolutionary model for the New American University.

President Crow has far reaching ambitions for ASU, already the biggest university in the US with more than 63,000 students, which provide a perfect match for DCU’s goals set out in “Leadership through Foresight” the current strategic plan.

Already called a “new gold standard” for the American research university, President Crow aims to provide quality education that is accessible to all sections of the US population, create a highly educated workforce, focus on critical transdisciplinary research, generate economic growth, and keep a weather eye on global developments.

The DCU-ASU strategic alliance that will provide collaboration in research projects, academic exchanges, and the development of new approaches to third level education, is set in a context with significant parallels.

DCU has foremost School of Journalism in Ireland, while Arizona State incorporates the famous Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, named after the legendary US broadcaster. Both universities are at the cutting edge of technology developing a wide range of research projects with commercial and social potential, and both lead the way in new thinking about third level education.

President Crow address to Heads and Deans outlines his vision for the New American University that he often refers to as a "dream machine" which must not be trapped by the "tyranny of tradition."

He also focuses on globalisation and sustainability. Arizona is the fastest growing state in the US adding a quarter of million to its population every year, so within America, the “sunbelt” state is dealing with similar issues to Ireland of coping with immigration, accommodation and rapid economic growth.

A Nature Magazine feature (see link) quotes Walter Cronkite, the “most trusted man in America” saying that President Crow “is a true visionary of our time. He entered the city and took the reins of the university, and gave it direction and energy beyond what anyone could have imagined.”

Event: Professor Michael Crow of Arizona State University addresses DCU Heads and Deans about the New American University, Sustainability and Globalisation, in AG01, Albert College, DCU, Dublin 9 at 1.30pm Friday 29th June.

Nature Magazine feature

Transformation for Emerging Public Universities - by President Michael Crow