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Undergraduate Computer Science Internship Programme Ireland (ODCSSS - Odysseus)
Thursday 15 March 2007

Students at work

An Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School (Odysseus) will run for a period of 12 weeks from June to August in both UCD and DCU. This is a paid internship programme designed for undergraduate students to experience and participate in ongoing world class IT research. This project is a Science Foundation Ireland funded Undergraduate Research Experience & Knowledge Site (UREKA).

An internship lasts 12 weeks staring on June 5th 2007. Each intern is paid a tax-free scholarship to the value of €300 per week subject to satisfactory progress. A contribution may be made towards travel expenses for international students (up to €300 inside the EU and €800 for students from outside the EU).

"For the 2007 Odysseus we have focused the collective research efforts of over 24 leading academics on projects that offer a novel undergraduate research experience yet help address day to day problems with technologies for aiding human memory" says Aaron Quigley, at the School of Computer Science and Informatics and co-director of Odysseus.

“Odysseus is a four-year collaborative effort between academics in Ireland based at University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin City University (DCU) with support from other organisations such as the Adaptive Information Cluster (AIC)” says Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean, the Dublin City University and co-director of Odysseus.

Odysseus (ODCSSS) is one of the four new UREKA sites funded in 2007 for the 2007-2009 period. The UREKA program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

Examples of Odysseus projects in 2007 include:

  • • A 3D User Interface for Improving Human Memory
  • Glow Tags: The Choice of the Old Generation
  • Memoir: Visual life stories for social reminiscence
  • Portable System to Support a Healthy Diet
  • Using Multiple Sensors to determine Posture
  • Wearable Memory Sensing Devices

Further information and application forms are available at this website address Applications are handled via the website only. The closing date for applications in 2007 is March 23rd.

Dr. Aaron Quigley
University College Dublin

Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean
Dublin City University