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Recovery of economy should be 'planning led' not 'developer led'
- President of Engineers Ireland speaks at launch of new DCU programmes in
Management for Sustainable Development

Mr P J Rudden, President of Engineers Ireland pictured with Professor Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President for Learning Innovation at DCU and Dr Anne Morrissey chairperson of the new degree

DCU launched its new MSc in Management for Sustainable Development, the only programme of its kind in Ireland.

The programme will be of particular relevance to those working as environmental or sustainable development managers in both the public and private sectors.  A combination of management and key environmental issues such as water, waste, energy and procurement form the basis of the degree, which will be taught through Oscail, DCU’s Distance Education.

The new programme was launched by Mr P J Rudden, President of Engineers Ireland and Group Business Director of RPS Ltd, a consultancy which provides planning, engineering, environmental and communications services.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Rudden said that this new Masters was never more timely or more welcome.

“As our economy is threatened, there is a temptation to go for quick fix solutions that lack the advantage of long term social, environmental or economic sustainability.  We have to avoid that temptation and be known for what we build not what we destroy.  And yet we now look across our nation and see ghost housing estates, empty offices and empty hotel rooms.  We know that we are not looking at development that was sustainable either in economic or social terms”, Mr Rudden said.

Professor Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President for Learning Innovation at DCU said, “The new Masters offers students a great opportunity to enhance their expertise in a key area that will underpin future economic growth both nationally and internationally. DCU is pioneering  this  programme via ‘on-line’ and blended learning through Oscail, DCU’s  Distance Education Faculty, ensuring the greatest access possible to those who need to develop this knowledge. DCU is a national leader in this learning strategy and this novel Masters further expands its current suite of undergraduate and Masters programmes that are taken by students in Ireland and throughout the world. It was developed in response to clearly perceived educational and commercial needs and the necessity to facilitate part-time, flexible and distance learning”.

“As the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development increases,  new career opportunities will emerge for those with expertise in these areas", said Dr Anne Morrissey, chairperson of the new degree.