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Invent DCU launches Life Sciences Guide

Dublin City University, Ireland's University of Enterprise, is seeking to increase its engagement with strategic partners in the Life Sciences sector and invites companies to explore how a partnership with the University can enhance their competitive advantage. The Invent DCU team, one of the most successful technology transfer centres in Ireland, has produced a new Life Sciences Guide.

This publication is an excellent resource for Life Science companies who can now readily identify complementary research activity and expertise across the University that can be leveraged to enhance in-house R&D. The brochure outlines DCU's capability in Life Sciences across a range of disease focus areas and platform enabling technologies. It also presents the many world-class specialist facilities and equipment which can be accessed through DCU.

Speaking about the publication of 'A Journey of Discovery – Life Science Expertise': A guide to Research and Development opportunities in partnership with Dublin City University, Dr Georgina Murphy, Life Sciences Manager said,

"Healthcare companies are increasingly moving towards a model of open innovation, leveraging external research and development capability to enhance their in-house activity. This publication outlines DCU's unique strengths and expertise in Life Sciences. We hope this will encourage companies to consider DCU as a strategic partner in research and product development and to make maximum use of the State supports for academic-industrial partnerships."

This publication was officially launched at the BioConnect Ireland event on Tuesday 18th December 2012.

Click here to view the DCU Life Sciences Guide.

Click here to watch the DCU Life Sciences Expertise Video.

We invite you to contact Invent DCU to explore how a partnership with DCU can expand and strengthen your research capacity and help grow your business.

For further information, please contact Dr. Georgina Murphy, Invent DCU at, tel: +353 1 700 8919.

For more information on Invent DCU:


(From L-R): Dr. Georgina Murphy, Life Sciences Manager at Invent DCU. Dr. Christine Loscher, DCU School of Biotechnology-Immunology

19th December, 2012