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S2/Week 3: 12th - 16th February 2018

 DCU Semester 2 Week 2

Focus on iconFocus this Week: :

  • Exam Results Published Online
  • Consultation with Lecturers
  • Learning from Semester 1 - time to reflect
  • Pathways to Success @ University Programme
  • Mindfulness Meditation Programme

Consultation with Faculty

During this week, you have the opportunity to speak to your individual lecturers about the grades you received in your Semester 1 examinations and assessments and receive feedback on your performance. Simply email the lecturer(s) and arrange a suitable time for you both.

Go to this meeting well focused and prepared. Obvious items for consideration during this meeting are: How can you improve your performance in examinations in the future? How did you manage your time during the examination? What are the repeat procedures (if relevant)? Where can you receive additional help in this subject (if necessary). To find the email address of a lecturer, click here.

Starting Fresh in Semester 2:

Before organising yourself for Semester 2, take some time to think about how you managed during your first semester in university. Don't forget to use the 'skills4study' online resource, which you can find on your Moodle homepage. The Resource is broken down in modules on time management, writing skills, note-taking etc. - and is an interactive resource which is really helpful.

Pathways to Success @ University Programme:

The 'Pathways to Success' programme is a 4 week programme that will enable students to set goals, build resilience, self-confidence and create a strategy to creating success in their life. This is a great programme as it enables students to take time for themselves and look at what they want from their life. Throughout the four weeks, we will look at ways to create clear goals, build strategies to maintain motivation and build the resilience and self-confidence to reach your goals.  Those who attend the 4 weeks will be presented with a 'Certificate of Completion'.

Starting This Week:

Register Here for Glasnevin Campus

Register Here for St Patrick's Campus

Mindfulness Meditation Progarmme

Beginning Wednesday 14th February at 1pm (CG12 Glasnevin Campus)

Academic Skills Workshops: Academic Writing Workshop. Further details and registration here.