What is Sustainability about?

In a normal day we consume resources from the food we eat to the fuel to drive our cars and the electricity that lights our homes and offices. These resources are grown or manufactured from natural materials that come from the Earth and there is only a limited supply. While some of the resources are renewable i.e. they replenish themselves, many are not and therefore will run out. But the bigger issue is that through the manufacturing and consumption of these resources carbon dioxide is produced and over the last 100 year or so the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere have grown at an exponential rate. The impact of this increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is climate change*. So Sustainability is looking for the fair and equitable balance that is needed to share the earth’s resources between all its inhabitants while working toward reducing our carbon emissions to zero. It is an enormous task that we must all tackle together.

Sustainability DCU seeks to embed a sustainability ethos at DCU that will underpin all our activities here. Our academics and researchers are working on many of the related issues from Education for Sustainable Development, Green Finance and Business models to Water, Waste and Energy research in our new Sustainable Economies and Societies Research Hub. Our Estates Office works hard to not only save financial resources but also to reduce our impact on the environment through energy efficiencies, greater waste management and enhancing the green environment on campus. Our An Taisce Green Campus Committee supports many initiatives across campus engaging both the students and staff in projects where we can together have an impact on increasing the sustainability of our campus.

DCU is leading by example and instilling in our graduates a knowledge and understanding of sustainability with the vision that they will incorporate this ethos in their future personnel and working lives.

DCU's Sustainability policy can be viewed here.

*For further information on Climate Change please see the IPCC Fifth Report: www.ipcc.ch

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