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Personal Data - DCU Guidance & Procedures

This section of the data protection webpages provides links to the relevant policies, guides and training materials which staff, students and other interested parties may find useful. In addition, it also provides guidance on making a personal data access request to the university.

N.B.  If you want to access any of the Staff Access Only documents;

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Data Protection Policies & Notices

The documents listed below set out the University's primary policies & notices related to personal data. 

A) Personal Data Policies

Data Privacy Policy

Data Retention Policy

Contact with Third Parties Policy

Data Classification Policy

B) Notices & Statements

Staff Data Processing Notice

DCU Website Privacy Statement

DCU Website Cookies Statement

Data Protection - Guidance for Staff & Students

A) Data Subject Rights Procedure

Data Subject Rights Procedure - Public Guide

Data Subjects Rights Procedure - Staff Guide (Staff Access Only)

B) Data Breach Reporting Procedure

Data Breach Reporting Procedure - Public Guide

Data Breach Reporting Procedure - Staff Guide (Staff Access Only)

C) Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

DPIA - Staff Guide (Staff Access Only)

DPIA - Template (Staff Access Only) 

D) Data Processing Agreements

1) Standard DCU Data Processing Agreement Template (Staff Access Only)

2) Standard DCU Data Sharing Agreement Template (Staff Access Only)

3) Standard DCU Data Protection clause for insertion into MOU's (Staff Access Only)  

E) Data Protection & Research

Introduction to Reseach Data Management

Research Data Management - IT Considerations 

Guidance on Health Research - Data Protection Commissioner


Guide to DCU's CCTV System

G) ISS Guidance 

ISS Data Handling Guidelines

ISS Encryption Service  

 Personal Data Access Requests

Guide & Application Form for Individuals

Under the legislation any individual may make a request to obtain a copy of their own personal data held by Dublin City University.  These requests are known as 'Access Requests' or alternatively 'Subject Acccess Requests'. The guide at the link below explains in further detail how such a request may be made. Anyone who wishes to make a request should first of all review the guidance below and formally make the request using the application form provided.   

Personal Data Access Requests - A guide to accessing personal data held by the University

Personal Data Access Request Application Form

Guide for University Staff

A separate guide for members of staff of the University who are handling an access request is provided below. Please note you must provide a valid staff login name and password to access the guide.

Staff Guide to Subject Access Requests (Staff Access Only)

Staff Personnel Files - Access Requests

In addition to the general right of access described above, staff of the University may view their own personnel file which is held by the Human Resources office. Please click on the following link for further details:

Link to HR policy on access to staff personnel files 

Garda Requests for Copies of CCTV Recordings

From time to time members of An Gardai Síochaná who are investigating offences may require copies of CCTV recordings held by the University. In order to comply with best practice and guidelines on this area issued by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner the following form is to be used by garda officers when requesting a copy of a CCTV recording(s) held by the University.

Garda request form for a copy of CCTV recording(s)  

 PDSS - Documenting Unit / Research Project Personal Data

A PDSS (Personal Data Security Schedule) is the primary document used, at a unit or research project level, to record the categories of personal data being processed. For each category listed some basic rules and controls are identified and the PDSS is then brought to the attention of members of staff involved in processing. A guide to preparing a PDSS, and the standard template, can be found at the links below. 

Guide to preparing / updating a PDSS (Staff Access Only)

PDSS Template (Staff Access Only)  

Staff Training Materials & FAQs

Training Materials

This section sets out the training materials available to assist staff and students in meeting their obligations to process personal data in a manner compliant with the relevant legislation.

Data Protection Training Slides - Guide for Staff (Staff Access Only)

Data Protection Training Presentation - Teaching & Learning (YouTube Video provided by TEU) 

Learner Data & GDPR - T&L Insight Guide

Data Protection Helpsheet (Staff Access Only)

Guide to preparing / updating a Personal Data Security Schedule (PDSS) (Staff Access Only)

PDSS Template - for Unit or Research Team's own use 


Click here for a link to list of FAQ's regarding data protection.