Office of the Chief Operations Officer

Honorary Degree Committee

Honorary Degree Committee


  • Dr. Martin McAleese, Chancellor (Chair)
  • Prof. Brian MacCraith, DCU President
  • Prof. Eithne Guilfoyle, Vice-President for Academic Affairs/Registrar

Criteria and Guidelines for the awarding of HONORARY DEGREES

The criteria for awarding an honorary doctorate, as adopted by the Governing Authority, are as follows:

1. Distinction in scholarship, especially in fields of interest to the University.
2. Distinction in and outstanding services in their profession or field of endeavour.
3. Outstanding contributions and services to the arts, literature and culture.
4. Outstanding services to the community, including peace and reconciliation.
5. Outstanding services to the University and bodies associated with it.

Guidelines for making nominations

1. Nominations must be made in strict confidence and must not be discussed with anyone, including – in particular – the person being nominated.
2. Nominations should be addressed to the President of the University and marked “strictly confidential”.
3. Nominations (on not more than two sheets of A4 paper) must include the following details:

3.1 Title and Full Name of person nominated
3.2 Address/Telephone/Email details (where available)
3.3 Brief biographical profile of nominee (important professional experience, major achievements relevant to the criteria above, etc.)
3.4 Connection to Ireland and/or Dublin City University (as applicable)
3.5 Any other information you wish the Honorary Degree Committee to take into consideration.
3.6 Name and signature of proposer
3.7 Date of Nomination.