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Microsystems Research

Microfluidics Group Members: Prof. Jens Ducree and Dr Jennifer Gaughran

The ‘Microfluidic Platforms’ group led by Professor Jens Ducrée at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland develops next-generation microfluidic ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ (LoaC) platforms geared for performing a broad spectrum of bioanalytical assay formats targeting proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules and cells. These highly integrated and cost-efficient chips fully automate multi-step sample preparation, management of multiple reagents and sensitive detection in a sample-to-answer fashion, thus meeting the techno-economical requirements of a range of typically decentralised bioanalytical applications in biomedical point-of-care diagnostics, environmental monitoring, agrifood and life-science research. A prime development strand are centrifugal microfluidic platforms that can combine different assay formats on a single ‘Lab-on-a-Disc’ (LoaD) device to run a range of symptom-specific test panels on a common, multi-purpose and widely autonomous instrument similar to a conventional CD player. The group established a comprehensive portfolio of application-specific instrumentation incorporating spindle-motor actuation, detection modules and process control as well as infrastructure for polymer prototyping and application testing.

International Engagements

The research led to the establishment of "FPC@DCU" - the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Embedded Bioanalytical Systems at Dublin City University. FPC@DCU represents Ireland's first initiative by the German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Europe's leading applied research organisation, and is co-funded by Sciene Foundation Ireland.

The Microsystems Research Group has a variety of collaborations under EU FP7, Horizon 2020 and globally.


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