Recruitment Confidentiality Policy

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Dublin City University strives to foster a culture amongst its staff and student community that is open, collegial, collaborative, student focused and ambitious. These values reflect a commitment to equality, educational opportunity, social justice, ethical behaviour and academic freedom. In applying open, transparent and merit based effective recruitment and selection procedures the University strives to attract and retain high quality staff that share and live our values. The following procedures are designed to ensure our process is planned, organised and conducted in a way that supports an objective, transparent merit based assessment of every candidate and ensure that the best candidate has been selected on their merits and abilities. 



Access to applications for a recruitment competition is restricted to members of the Selection Board, staff of the Human Resources Office and any staff members from the School/Unit where the vacancy has arisen and who have been involved by the Head of School/Unit in the shortlisting process. 


Procedures for Confidentiality

The Head of School/Unit, staff of the Human Resources Office and involved staff members shall ensure that all applications are treated confidentially. Should they wish to discuss an application with someone other than a member of the formal Selection Board, they may do so, providing that the person agrees to be bound by the same requirements of confidentiality that apply to members of the formal Selection Board. Such discussions should only be conducted by the Head or by a person delegated by the Head.