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Prospective Students

INTRA (INtegrated TRAining) Programme

We are committed to delivering courses that are as relevant as possible to today’s industrial and commercial world. This is why you will get to experience this world for yourself before you leave DCU. Only then can you fully appreciate what’s in store for you when you graduate. INTRA gives you an opportunity to gain degree-relevant work experience with companies throughout Ireland and overseas. Over the period of your placement, be it three, six or twelve months, you will put your academic knowledge to the test in a real working environment that is relevant to your interests.

What will you gain on your INTRA?

While the key purpose of your placement is for you to apply your knowledge to real life working situations, thereby gaining practical skills, there are several other benefits:

  • You will develop your confidence and relationship skills – in other words, your maturity.
  • By applying your knowledge in this environment you will be able to make realistic and informed career decisions. Who knows, you might find that a specialism you hadn’t considered for your final year is now your preferred direction.
  • You will also generate some very valuable employment contacts. In fact, many DCU graduates return to their INTRA employer.
  • As you begin to see the relationship between your job and your course curriculum, your interest in academic work as well as your motivation will, invariably, increase.
  • Finally, you get paid for the work you do.

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