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Quality Promotion Office

Policy Statement on Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in Dublin City University

This Quality Policy statement outlines DCU’s approach to the management of quality and standards.

Dublin City University’s approach to quality complies with the provisions of the Universities Act 1997 and the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act 2012. It also actively engages with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and takes its lead from national and international good practice. DCU acknowledges that it is ultimately responsible for the academic standards of awards made in its name and for its students’ quality of learning experiences. DCU’s quality policy has the following main aims and goals:

  • To develop a quality culture that permeates all parts of the university for the benefit of the students, staff and the local, regional and national community.
  • To ensure that the University’s strategic planning and development and quality assurance and improvement mutually inform and support each other.
  • To ensure that appropriate and transparent governance and management structures are in place to guarantee continuous progress in implementing and supporting quality assurance and improvement measures.
  • To implement and maintain procedures relating to the approval, monitoring and review of programmes.
  • To take the advice of independent external peers and organisations, in particular external examiners, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies and external assessors in internal and external reviews of academic, administrative and support units, and in topic-based quality reviews.
  • To gather quantitative and qualitative data and to conduct periodic surveys to get feedback from key stakeholder groups including students and employers, for quality improvement and policy making.
  • To maintain the University in good standing in relation to its legislative obligations and to make the university a model public body.

This Quality Policy will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that it remains appropriate and fit for purpose.

January 2015