Quality Promotion Office

Quality Enhancement Theme

Quality Enhancement & Improvement

DCU is committed to recognising the importance of and value in initiatives promoting and encouraging continuous quality enhancement & improvement innovation. Through an array of continuous interactions with internal stakeholders’ the Quality Promotions Office (QPO) have facilitated a number of impactful initiatives, all of which have contributed significantly to the Quality Enhancement Agenda.  

Quality enhancement and improvement activities are continually being implemented throughout the university in faculties, schools, research centres and administrative units.  Additionally, a number of organisational units are specifically tasked with enabling and supporting quality enhancement. It is hoped that the development of a Quality Enhancement Theme can further highlight and support this work, while providing opportunities for staff to collaborate in new initiatives, where appropriate.

The aims of an annual Quality Enhancement Theme would be to,

  • Provide a thematic focus for discussion at Quality Promotion Committee, particularly in relation to ongoing quality enhancement policies, initiatives and activities at DCU
  • Facilitate discussion and the development of initiatives in response to recurring issues from DCU quality reviews and quality related issues currently being highlighted nationally and internationally
  • Encourage collaboration and the creation of new initiatives between the QPO and other units and departments tasked with quality enhancement at DCU.
  • Provide an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate good practice in relation to quality enhancement across the university in line with particular ‘themes’