Registry - Transfer Applicants


Eligibility to Apply

The university welcomes applications from candidates who have completed studies at higher level at another institution and who wish to transfer onto a degree programme at DCU. To qualify for consideration, an applicant must:

  • Have completed or be about to complete a National Certificate/ National Diploma or Higher National Diploma course at another institution.  In all cases, the applicant's studies must have been in a similar or related subject to the course to which they are applying.  Specific transfer entry requirements may be reviewed in the DCU prospectus.


  • Have completed or about to complete one year of study on a degree course.  It is NOT necessary for the candidate to have studied in a similar or related subject to the course to which they are applying.  The point of entry on the degree course and any additional exemptions awarded will depend on the extent of the overlap of the candidate's studies to date with the content of the degree course to which they are applying.

 Application Process

The transfer route in to DCU is very competitive.  Not all programmes offer a transfer route, but for those that do, the transfer guideline can be found using this link.  Each programme page gives details on programme content, entry requirements and how to apply to that particular programme.  Transfers will depend on the number of places available, the content overlap of the programmes, your performance on your current programme and competition for places in the year you apply. Transfers are usually to first year only, unless otherwise specified in programme guidelines.

How to Apply

We are currently reviewing our application process for external transfers and information will be updated before the end of year 2021.