DCU Research | Research Infrastructure Overview

Research Infrastructure at DCU

Dublin City University has set up the Research Infrastructure Network to enable easy access to its vast array of state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities. The Research Infrastructure Network provides means of access to equipment for DCU researchers, non-DCU researchers and also for companies who wish to use services on the equipment or in some cases have their own people run the equipment. 

Core Facilities

  • Microscopy and Spectroscopy Core Facility
  • Materials and Surfaces Analysis Core Facility
  • Material Processing Core Facility
  • Biological Research Facilities
  • Enhanced Specification Laboratories



The NRF is a purpose built facility housing a large range of instruments and functionally designed labs which are available for use by DCU and non-DCU academic researchers as well as for industry research and services. The facility also acts as the operations centre for the Infrastructure Network.  


Access to the Equipment and Facilities

If you have any general enquires about the Infrastructure Network or you would like to request access to specific equipment please use this link:


News, Seminars, Workshops

For information regarding seminars and workshops which focus on equipment and techniques, please use this link: