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Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

Please see below upcoming events related to new equipment, analysis techniques, processing techniques, new technologies and instrument manufacturer presentations/seminars.

 Surface Metrology Workshop  --  February 8th and 9th 2017


Location:  NRF Building, DCU

Get 2017 off to a well defined and characterised start with our Surface Metrology Seminar and Workshop on February 8th and 9th in the NRF @ DCU. See what can be done with AFM, Stylus profilometry and Optical profilometry. With hands-on sessions and talks by Bruker Applications Engineers. Please click here to register for this workshop.

With hands-on sessions and talks by Bruker Applications Engineers.


 STED Super Resolution Fluorescent Microscopy Seminar and Workshop  --  December 6th & 7th 2016   ***FINISHED***

Location:  NRF Building, DCU

Summary:  The Nano Research Facility (NRF) at DCU is delighted to announce an upcoming seminar and workshop on STED microscopy with Leica application engineer Paul McCormick.

STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) is a super resolution fluorescent microscopy technique developed by Nobel Prize laureate Stefan Hell. It bypasses the diffraction limit of conventional confocal microscopy in order to achieve an improvement in resolution when imaging fluorophores that are commonly used to label biological samples. It provides fast, intuitive, and purely optical access to study subcellular architecture and dynamics at the nanoscale. It is suitable nanoscale imaging in top level biological and biomedical application and surface analysis in material science applications. 

Registration:  If you would like to attend the seminar, a Workshop or both please fill in this form . For enquiries contact Úna Prendergast (


 Nanoscribe 2-photon printer and 3D laser lithography introduction seminar   --  August 16th 2016   ***FINISHED***

Location:  NRF Building, DCU

Summary:  Nanoscribe are taking an hour out from the installation of the new 2-photon 3D printer system and they are giving a one hour introduction into 3D laser lithography and an overview of the Nanoscribe 2-photon printer capabilities from 1 - 2 pm in the NRF seminar room.

Registration:  **Now Closed**

 Dolomite Microfluidic Chip 3D printer seminar and workshop  --  June 21st 2016  ***FINISHED***

Location:  NRF Building, DCU

Summary:  Having recently purchased a Dolomite 3D printer which is capable of fabricating fully sealed microfluidic devices, we would like to invite you to meet the printers design engineers.

The design engineer is coming in on Tue 21st June to do a workshop on the printer, it's capabilities, materials, CAD design, etc. 

This is a really good chance to meet a 3D design engineer even if you've questions around microfluidic design rather than their printer specifically.

Registration:  **Now Closed**




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