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It has been proposed that FP7, run for seven years. It will be operational as of 1 January 2007 and run until 2013. It is designed to build towards the creation of the European Research Area, and carry it further towards the development of the knowledge economy and society in Europe.

The new research Framework Programme is then organised into four programmes to address specific objectives: -

  • Cooperation
    More than half the total budget will be available to support cooperation between universities, industry, research centres and public authorities in order to gain leadership in key scientific and technology areas.
  • Ideas
    A European Research Council (ERC) will be created to stimulate creativity and excellence by funding basic research by individual teams competing at European level.
  • People
    Reinforced 'Marie Curie actions' will aim to develop and strengthen the human potential of European research.
  • Capacities
    Research and innovation capacity throughout Europe is to be enhanced through the coordination and development of research infrastructures, as well as support to regional research-driven clusters, SMEs, a closer relationship between science and society, and the development of international cooperation.



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