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New Researcher Profile System - Important Information for Academic and Research Staff

The DCU Research Engine is the new database for your research information. The system will enable you to:

  1. Have all your academic outputs in one place, making it really easy to compile your CV for grant applications, promotions, etc
  2. To publish your profile to the DCU website on a professional looking template
  3. To increase the visibility of your outputs by publishing to Doras, the DCU open access repository
  4. Easily add publications on Web of Science and Scopus
  5. Import and export profiles to external online research activity accounts such as Google Scholar
  6. Get automatic updates from other internal university systems like the DCU phone book, Core and ITS.

The system is really intuitive and easy to use. In order to support you with your profile update, RIS will provide training through your school during the month of March and subsequently during the year.

This system will shortly replace the old RSS system and this will take place in two phases.

Phase 1: All profile information from the old RSS system EXCEPT the “awards” information will be available in the Research Engine from Monday 7th March 2016. Users are required to log in to the new system to clean their profile from potential duplicates and publish their profile to the website.

Phase 2: Award information will be available in the new system by Q4 2016. 

18th February, 2016