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Academic Staff

Dr. Martin Collier
Director, Rince Institute
martin.collier@dcu.ie  5135 
Prof. Patrick McNally
Head of School
patrick.mcnally@dcu.ie  5119 
Prof. Liam Barry
Associate Dean for Research 
liam.barry@dcu.ie 5431 
Prof. Barry McMullin
Dean of Faculty
barry.mcmullin@dcu.ie  5432 
Prof. Paul Whelan
Professor of Computer Vision
paul.whelan@dcu.ie  5489 
Dr. Stephen Daniels
Director, Sustainable Economies & Societies Hub 
Dr. Conor Brennan 
conor.brennan@dcu.ie  7649
Dr. Xiaojun Wang
Head NIC Lab
xiaojun.wang@dcu.ie  5808 
Dr. Gabriel-Miro Muntean  
gabriel.muntean@dcu.ie  7648 
Dr. Pascal Landais
Head HSDS Lab
pascal.landais@dcu.ie  8044 
Dr. Derek Molloy  derek.molloy@dcu.ie  5355 
Dr. Jennifer McManis  jennifer.mcmanis@dcu.ie  8043
Dr. Marissa Condon  marissa.condon@dcu.ie  5405 
Dr. Ronan Scaife  ronan.scaife@dcu.ie  5434 
Dr. Anthony Holohan  anthony.holohan@dcu.ie  5107 
Dr. Noel Murphy  noel.murphy@dcu.ie  5433 
Dr. Robert Sadleir  robert.sadleir@dcu.ie  8592
Ms. Jennifer Bruton  jennifer.bruton@dcu.ie 5034 
Dr. Darragh O'Brien  darragh.obrien@dcu.ie 5645