DCU Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

DAILY CHECKS: Are fire exits, corridors, escape routes and stairwells accessible?
DAILY CHECKS: Are fire doors fully closed? Do they open fully? Does the self closing device close the door properly? (Unless attended or held open magnetically)
DAILY CHECKS: Are flammable / combustible materials stored in appropriate locations? (if in doubt over type of material or its appropriate location, please liase with fire safety officer)
WEEKLY CHECKS: Are all emergency exit lights illuminated?
WEEKLY CHECKS: Are all fire extinguishers sufficiently mounted/stood in appropriate stand? Is the pin/tie intact? If foam canister, is the pressure needle in the green?
WEEKLY CHECKS: Is the fire extinguisher provided with a blue and white OSS service label?
Have the issues observed been uploaded to the DCU Estates Helpdesk?

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