Lone & Out of Hours Work

What is Lone & Out of Hours Work in DCU?

The DCU "Lone and Out of Hours Working" Policy permits authorised persons to access their laboratory or office outside of normal working  hours. 

"Out of Hours" work is defined as follows:

Any laboratory/experimental work taken outside of 9am-6pm Monday - Friday.

Any other work undertaken outside of 7am-10pm Monday - Friday and during the hours of 9am-6pm on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Who is entitled to be in DCU afterhours?

Authorised staff and postgraduate students only are permitted to be in DCU out of hours.

What is an Authorised Person?

An Authorised person is someone who has had:

  1. A risk assessment of their activities completed and documented,
  2. Has gained "out of hours" approval of Academic Supervisor/Head of School/ Unit Manager as appropriate,, 
  3. Has attended safety induction 
  4. Their name has been notified to Security by School/Unit Safety Officer or Head

If I am carrying out experimental practical work in the lab what is 'out of hours'?

'Out of Hours' for experimental / practical work is after 6pm and before 9am Monday – Saturday and 9am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday & Bank Holidays.

If I am in my office or doing computer work only in a lab, what is 'out of hours'?

'Out of Hours' for office work or computer work in a lab is between 10pm and 7am.

How do I "check in" for Out of Hours work?

For high and medium risk work, an authorised person must "check in" using the SafeZone App. 

The university has launched a free app service to give round-the-clock reassurance to staff and students. SafeZone is a simple-to-use application that is free to download from the Apple App store and Google Play. Further details on the app and how to use it are available from the Office of the Chief Operations Officer - Safezone

What is 'lock-up'?

Lock up is a period whereby there is no out of hours access for the safety and security of all on campus. During lock up exceptional access can only be granted with the written permission of the Vice President for Research and notification in advance to Security.

What are lockup hours?

Lock up hours are from 6pm Saturday to 9am Sunday and from 6pm Sunday to 7am on Monday. On a Bank Holiday Monday, lock up hours are as for Sundays.

There will also be lock up hours over the Christmas and Easter periods and these will be notified in advance by Security.

How do I gain access during lock up?

Access during lock up is available in exceptional circumstances only. Written permission must be obtained from the Vice President for Research and notified to Security.

"Check in" on SafeZone is compulsory.

How do I gain access out of hours?

Normally you should be able to gain access to buildings via swipecard or PIN number. Where these do not exist on buildings, please contact Security to gain access.

What are the rules governing computer laboratories?

Computer laboratories may be used by staff, students and visitors up to 10pm Monday - Friday. They may be used on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Can I let others in 'out of hours'?

You must not let in any other persons into the building 'out of hours'. They must contact Security themselves to gain access.

How do visitors get authorised for after hours access?

Visiting staff or postgraduate students must complete the same process to become an authorised person. Please contact the Academic Supervisor or local Safety Officer in your School/Unit to complete.

If I encounter a problem after hours how do I get help?

Please contact Security on the emergency telephone number (01) 700 5999. If you are unable to reach a phone activate a Fire Alarm Break Glass Unit.

Policy and Procedures for Lone & Out of Hours Working (PDF)

Out of Hours Policy - 'Lock Up' Exceptional Access Request Form (PDF)

Out Of Hours Induction Presentation (PDF)