Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Has your pregnancy been confirmed by a doctor?
Have you notified your manager?

Work Environment - General

NIght work - do you work between 10pm and 6am?
Do you work alone?
Have you completed DCU Out of Hours training?
Are you aware of how to summon First Aid assistance?
Are you likely to encounter aggressive or violent persons?

Work Environment - Physical

Does your work activity involve exposure to the following?
Are you required to wear PPE while working?

Work Environment - Biological Agents

Is there likely exposure to biological agents which can endanger human health (Groups 2,3 or 4 biological agents)?
Is there possible exposure to:

Work Environment - Chemical Agents

R40: Limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect
H350/H351/R45: May cause cancer/suspected of causing cancer
H340/H341/R46: May cause genetic defects/suspected of causing genetic effects
H350i/R49: May cause cancer by inhalation
H360/ H360D/ H360FD/ H360Fd/ H360Df/ H361/ H361d/ H361fd/ R61 / R63: May damage fertility or the unborn child/ suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child
H362/ R64: May cause harm to breastfed children
H370: Causes damages to organs
H371: May cause damage to organs
R68: Possible risk of irreversible effects
Mercury or mercury derivaties?
Antimitotic (Cytotoxic) drugs?
Carbon monoxide?
Lead or lead derivaties?
Chemical agents of known dangerous percutaneous (skin) absorption?

Work Environment - Visual Display Units

Are you a Visual Display User (VDU)?
Have you completed the web based VDU Risk Assessment on your workstation?
Have you been provided with information on the safe use of VDUs?
Does your work involve long periods of time sitting or standing?
Are there constraints preventing good posture?
Can you vary tasks at your own discretion?
Is entry to tightly fitting workspaces required which would present comfort difficulties?
Is it necessary to reach over and around obstacles?
Is there any difficulty evacuating the building in an emergency due to lack of speed and movement?
Is there any difficulty wearing PPE due to increased size as the pregnancy develops?
Is the lighting adequate in your work area?
Do you use ladders/platforms at height?
Do you wish the H&S Office to contact you regarding specific safety issues in pregnancy?