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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

Centres and Groups

SALIS is home to a thriving research community of some 30 academics and 35 doctoral researchers, working on European, American and Asian languages/cultures, including English, Irish, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai.

We are also home to:

We collaborate with a number of other research centres and networks including:

  • CNGL (Centre for Global Intelligent Content) – a research centre dedicated to enabling people to seamlessly interact with content, systems and each other to achieve unprecedented access, efficiency and empowerment
  • EMT (European Master’s in Translation) Network – a partnership between the European Commission and selected European Universities, whose main goal is to improve the quality of translator training and to ensure adequate supply of highly skilled people to work as translators in the European Union
  • OPTIMALE (Erasmus Network for Professional Translator Training) - a Europe-wide professional translator training initiative with 70 partners in 32 countries. It monitors the changing nature of translation in the age of the internet, social networks and increasing automation. It also stimulates innovation and high quality in the training of professional translators
  • QUALETRA – an EU translator training initiative for criminal proceedings