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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

Completed PhDs in SALIS

Nora Aranberri Monasterio, -ing words in RBMT: multilingual evaluation and exploration of pre- and post-processing solutions, 2010 (Joint Supervisors: Dr. S. O'Brien and Dr. F. Hollowood).

Begona Alvarez-O'Neill, Changes in Contemporary Standard Spanish: A Socio-phonetic Appraisal, 1998 (Supervisor: Dr. M. Gibbon)

Bernadette BreretonThe Eiat Project; Gender and Technology in the Irish Context, 2002 (Supervisor: Dr. M. Gibbon)

Jennifer Bruen, Learning Strategies and Oral Proficiency; An Investigation of the Language Learning Strategies Associated with the Achievement of Higher Levels of Oral Proficiency in German, 2000 (Supervisor: Prof. M. Townson)

Jody Byrne, Textual Cognetics and the Role of Iconic Linkage in Software User Guides, 2004 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)

Colm Caffrey, Relevant abuse? Investigating the effects of an abusive subtitling procedure on the perception of TV anime using eye tracker and questionnaire, 2009 (Supervisor: Dr. M. O'Hagan)

Niamh Chapelle, The Translator's tale, A Translator-Centred History of Seven English Translations (1823-1944) of the Grimm's Fairy Tale, Schneewittchen, 2001 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Thomas Martin ClonanWomen in Combat: The Status and Roles Assigned Female Personnel in the Permanent Defence Forces, 2000 (Dr. M. Gibbon)

Mel DuffyThe Lived Experience of Irish Lesbian Women in the Health Service, 2008 (Joint supervisors: Dr. A. Maillot and Dr. V. Sheridan)

Ciarán Dunne"We know them but we don't know them": A Grounded Theory Approach to Exploring Host Students' Perspectives on Intercultural Contact in an Irish University, 2008 (Joint supervisors: Dr. A. Pearson-Evans and Dr. D. Denby)

Ghiath El Marzouk The Potential for Arabic Transfer in the Oral Inter-Language of English, 1992 (Supervisor: Ms. M. Holborow)

Marian Flanagan, Recycling texts: human evaluation of example-based machine translation subtitles for DVD, 2009 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny).

Susanne Ghassempur"Tha' sounds like me arse!": a comparison of the translation of expletives in two German translations of Roddy Doyle's "The Commitments", 2009 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Alison Gourvès-Hayward , In Search of A Third Place : A Telecollaborative Model for Language Learning, 1994 (Supervisor: Dr. M. Gibbon)

John Kearns, Curriculum Renewal in Translator Training: Vocational Challenges in Academic Environments with Reference to Needs and Situation Analysis and Skills Transferability from the Contemporary Experience of Polish Translator Training Culture, 2006 (Supervisor: Dr. H. Lechleiter).

Clare Kelly-CollA psycholinguistic exploration of focus of attention in second language learning based on recent research findings from the field of motor skill learning, 2009 (Supervisor: Dr. H. Lechleiter)

Mary Ann KennyA Study of Collaboration in an Online Translator Training Environment, 2007 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Sylvie KleinmanTranslation, the French Language and the United Irishmen (1792-1804), 2005 (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin)

Angela LeahyThe Representation of Work in German Grammar Books, 2004 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Heinz LechleiterTheory, Practice and Didactics of the Language for the Specific Purposes of Chemistry, 2002 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)

Christine McCarthy, Global Leadership: An Analysis of Three Leadership Competency Models in Multinational Corporations, 2010 (Joint supervisors: Prof. J. Williams and Dr. A. Pearson-Evans)

Sharon O'BrienMachine Translatability and Post-Editing Effort: A study of English-German Language Pair using Translog and Choice Network Analysis, 2006 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)

Eithne O'Connell, Minority Language Dubbing For Children, 2000 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Caoimhgin Ó Croidheáin, Language from Below: The Irish Language, Ideology and Power in 20th Century Ireland, 2000 (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin)

Kieran O'DriscollAround the world in eighty changes: a diachronic study of the multiple causality of six complete translations (1873-2004), from French to English, of Jules Verne's novel 'Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours' (1873), 2010 (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin).

Bernadette O'RourkeAttitudes towards Minority Languages: An Investigation of Young People's Attitudes towards Irish and Galician, 2005 (Supervisor: Dr. B. Richardson)

Fernando Prieto RamsonEthnic Alterity in the News: Discourse on Immigration in the Spanish and Irish Press, 1990-2000, 2002 (Joint supervisors: Dr. B. Richardson and Dr. L. Martín Rojo)

Kenia Puig i Planella, Temporality in L2 Spanish: An Investigation of the Expression of Temporality in the Narrative Discourse of Spanish L2 learners, 2005 (Supervisor: Dr. B. Richardson)

Thomas QuinnTruth and Untruth: Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Voyage au bout de la nuit and the Memory of the Great War 1914-1918, 2002 (Joint supervisors: Prof. L. Davis and Dr. D. Denby)

Johann Roturier, Using Controlled Language to Improve Machine Translation, 2007 (Supervisor: Dr. S. O'Brien)

Gabriela Saldanha, Style of Translation: An Exploration of Stylistic Patters in the Translation of Margaret Jull Costa and Peter Bush, 2005 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)

Annette SchillerAspects of Web Site Cohesion: A New Paradigm for the Analysis of Web Site Cohesion with Particular Emphasis on the Implications for the Translation of Web Sites, 2007 (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)

Vera SheridanWith Loneliness and Satisfaction: Tracing the Path of Cross-Cultural Adaptation by Members of the Vietnamese Community in Ireland, 2005 (Supervisor: Dr. A. Pearson-Evans)

Annette SimonTowards a German Grammar Programme for Post-Leaving Certificate Students at Dublin City University, 1999 (Supervisor: Prof. M. Townson)

Katharina StorchMigrant Women's Cross-Cultural Adaptation - the Case of Polish Immigrants in Ireland, 2007 (Supervisor: Dr. V. Sheridan)

Yanli Sun, An Investigation into Automatic Preposition Translation of IT Technical Documentation from English to Chinese, 2011 (Joint supervisors: Dr. S. O'Brien, Dr. M. O'Hagan and Dr. F. Hollowood)

Midori Tatsumi, Post-Editing Machine Translated Text in A Commercial Setting: Observation and Statistical Analysis, 2011 (Joint supervisors: Dr. S. O'Brien, Dr. M. O'Hagan and Dr. F. Hollowood)

Marion Winters, A corpus-based investigation of translators' style in translations into German of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned, 2005 (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)

Lixin XiaoCommunicative Competence and Critical Thinking: a Crosscultural View of Chinese EFL Learners and Teachers in a University Context, 2004 (Supervisor: Dr. A. Pearson-Evans)

Krisztina ZimányiWhat's the story: a narrative overview of community interpreting in mental health care in Ireland, 2010 (Joint supervisors: Prof. J. Williams, Prof. M. Cronin and Ms. M. Phelan)