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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

Languages - Spanish

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Why study Spanish?

  • It is the official language of twenty countries and has around 400 million native speakers
  • It provides a gateway to Latin America
  • It offers employment opportunities, especially with the important emerging economies of Latin America
  • Its rich culture (e.g. music, literature, film, pictorial arts, food and sports)
  • It is an accessible language, and it is possible to begin to communicate at a basic level quite quickly and to achieve a good standard within two or three years of study
  • Knowledge of Spanish helps you to learn other Romance languages, including French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian (similarly, knowledge of another Romance language helps in learning Spanish)

Spanish at DCU

The School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (SALIS) offers you the opportunity either to begin Spanish from scratch (beginners' level) or to build on your previous studies of the language for the Leaving Certificate, A-level or GCSE (intermediate level).

In their third year, students on the BA in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies programme and the BA in Business Studies International must spend a year abroad. Those studying Spanish have the opportunity to spend a full year living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country at partner universities in Mexico and Spain. This year abroad gives students valuable opportunity to experience a different culture and to develop their language skills.

Spanish is also offered as an optional module on a wide range of other DCU programmes. Please refer to specific programme details for more information.

BA Programmes

You can study Spanish on the following degree programmes at DCU:

BA in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies

BA in Languages for International Communication (For non-native speakers of English only)

BA in Business Studies International

If you wish to find out more about the Spanish modules offered at DCU, click here and then select module codes starting with 'SP' (e.g. SP110 Spanish Language 1).

Comments and experiences

David Jameson, 4th Year Student, International Business & Languages
Graduating 2011

"Within two years we were able to learn enough Spanish to go and live and study in Spain for a year. That shows how successful learning Spanish at DCU can be".


What our Graduates Say

Useful links

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Spanish newspapers and magazines: | |

Spanish dictionaries: | |

Contact us

Contact Dr Gabrielle Carty for queries relating to Spanish language study

  • Phone: +353 1 700 5466
  • Email:

Postgraduate study

Spanish language modules can be taken at both intermediate and beginners' level on a variety of taught MA programme across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Opportunities leading to MA and PhD degrees:

  • Contemporary Spanish/Hispanic Cultural Studies
  • Gender Studies in Contemporary Hispanic Societies
  • Spanish Film
  • Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
  • Translation Studies (Spanish)
  • Twentieth Century Spanish Literature

There is also a taught MA in Translation Studies (Spanish)

Contact Dr. Minako O'Hagan for more information on the MA in Translation Studies

  • Phone: +353 1 700 5435
  • Email: