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Faculty Health and Safety



The Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Committee has the responsibility to oversee the formulation and review the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety policies, and to advise on best practice.

The Faculty’s Health and Safety is overseen by the Occupational Health and Safety committee, chaired by Dr Aoife Morrin.  All Schools and Centres in the Faculty are represented within the membership of the committee.

The Biological Safety Committee (BSC) ensures the Faculty’s compliance with statutory compliance relating to biological hazards and genetic modification. The BSC Chair is Associate Professor Anne Parle McDermott and the Biological Safety Advisor is Associate Professor Rosaleen Devery.

All researchers are obliged to complete basic Health and Safety Training run centrally and is coordinated by the Facilities Manager, Michael Burke. This training must be attended in person but the information that is given during these modules is given in the following links:

Under Irish legislation, Radiological Protection Act 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Regulations 2019 (S.I. No. 30 OF 2019), every organisation involved in storing, using, transporting, or disposing of radioactive materials, irradiation apparatus or other sources of ionising radiation, must hold an appropriate licence. To this end, Dublin City University is licenced by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Radiation Protection & Environmental Monitoring (ORM), in accordance with statutory requirements. In accordance with legislative requirements, the University has an appointed Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), Mr. Michael Burke, whose duties include advising the university on all matters relating to radiation protection and liaising with the competent authorities for radiation protection.

Life safety in the event of Fire or other emergencies is our highest priority. Our Fire Evacuation plan is designed to ensure that building occupants can be evacuated quickly and safely. Fire Wardens have been appointed for all buildings. Faculty Fire Wardens are listed by building.

All Schools and Centres in the Faculty are responsible for the implementation of own Health and Safety policies. Local Health and Safety Statements are available on the DCU Health and Safety webpage.

Risk Assessment Templates are available on the DCU Health and Safety webpage 

The DCU Health and Safety Office is located in the Henry Grattan, Ground Floor, Rooms CG10/CG47

Their role is to: provide advice and assistance on all aspects of Health & Safety to the DCU community and in doing so maintain the University in good standing in relation to Health and Safety legislative obligations and national and international best practice.

24 Hour DCU Emergency Number:

+353 1 700 5999