Faculty of Science and Health | Leaving Cert Experiments

Due to a revised DCU academic calendar the School of Chemical Sciences is not in a position to run the Leaving Certificate Experiments Programme in 2023. 

DCU School of Chemical Sciences run 'Leaving Certificate Chemistry Experiments' each year (January), to provide an experience of state of the art facilities and revision for 2nd level students (6th year). Students come from schools local to DCU and schools from as far away as Galway and Monaghan.

Students are afforded the opportunity to conduct mandatory experiments from the Leaving Certificate syllabus by attending two-hour sessions in the School of Chemical Sciences labs at DCU. During these sessions, small groups of students carry out a variety of experiments from the Leaving Certificate course and view modern instrumentation to coincide with the syllabus, with supervision and support from DCU lecturers, postgraduate students and technical staff.

The experiments offered are as follows:

  • Preparation of soap
  • Extraction of clove oil from cloves
  • Sample of  'Tests for Anion Identification'
  • Determination of free chlorine in bleach by colorimetry
  • Preparation of Benzoic acid from Phenylmethanol
  • Recrystallise Benzoic acid and determine its melting point
  • Determine the relative molecular mass of Propanone
  • Viewing of Instrumentation: HPLC; GS; MS; UV; IR-includes brief overview of their operation and application

E: science@dcu.ie