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Faculty of Science & Health

Faculty of Science and Health

Fusion Expo

Fusion Expo The Fusion Expo is a mobile exhibition designed to promote awareness in Fusion energy, it is accessible to the general public, presenting various aspects of fusion as an environmentally acceptable, safe and sustainable energy technology. In a clear and simple way it explains the fundamentals of fusion, describes Europe’s fusion research facilities, introduces the ITER project, and looks ahead to the construction of a working fusion power plant.

This event has been run in cities across Europe. However, Fusion expo has never been held in Ireland which is why DCU plans to become the first Irish institution to host the event in 2009.

This year DCU will host the “Fusion expo” as part of Science Week. The fusion expo will be open to the public on Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th November 2009 from 10.00 am – 5.00 pm in the Foyer, Research & Engineering Building, DCU. There is no charge for this event.

With a full array of posters, interactive tools, models and displays available, this event presents a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to understand the exciting possibility that fusion energy offers as a sustainable energy for the future.

Association Euratom DCU, or the Irish Fusion Association as it is also known is hosted within the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology (NCPST) ( at Dublin City University. It was formally established in 1996 and has continued since then led by Dublin City University and including major contributions from University College Cork.