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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

PhD Researcher

Name: Ms. Antonia Martin

Contact email address: Antonia.martin35@mail.dcu.ie

For Qualification of Study: M.Sc

Research Title: An examination of how to sustain long-term adherence to physical activity following a cardiac event.

Following a cardiac event, individuals are encouraged, through cardiac rehabilitation, to gradually increase their physical activity levels. This purpose of my research is to establish how best to assist individuals achieve long-term adherence to regular health enhancing physical activity. The first study examined the determinants of long-term adherence - more than 6 months - to a structured exercise community-based cardiac rehabilitation (CBCR) programme. The second study is testing the efficacy of a peer mentoring programme in helping neophyte exercisers to "fit into" the CBCR programme, and consequently increase their long-term adherence. The primary outcome measure is long-term adherence to physical activity. The secondary outcome measures include levels of physical activity, exercise self-efficacy and health related quality of life.

Supervisor: Dr.Catherine Woods