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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

PhD Researcher

Name: Mr. Bryan Cullen

Contact email address: Bryan Cullen

For Qualification of Study: Ph.D.

Research Title: Effect moderate and high intensity training on speed and power in Gaelic football players

Despite the popularity of Gaelic games, research in the area has lagged behind that of similar field sports. There is currently relatively little evidenced based research to assist coaches in the preparation of Gaelic football teams, particularly at underage level. Bryan's PhD will develop normative data on the anthropometric and physiological characteristics of Division 1 (Hogan cup) secondary school Gaelic football players, and evaluate the effect of resistance and endurance training programs on body composition, anaerobic and aerobic capacity agility, speed, and power in adolescent Gaelic football players.

Grant funded: Gaelic Athletic Association- Leinster Council

Supervisor: Professor Niall Moyna