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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

MSc. Researcher

Name: Ms. Carol Dunning

Contact email address: dunningcarol@hotmail.com

For Qualification of Study: MSc

Research Title: The Development of a Cooperating Physical Education Teachers' Programme (COPET)

This study consists of the development of a cooperating teachers programme for DCU Physical Education and Biology students when on teaching practice placement. This is being conducted by gathering information and views from student teachers, co-operating physical education teachers and university supervisors on the development and implementation of such a programme. This information is being gathered through the use of questionnaires and focus group interviews. This data, combined with knowledge of successful models of mentoring as identified from relevant literature, will form the basis for the development of a successful cooperating teacher training programme for physical education and biology students.

Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Meegan and Dr. Sarahjane Belton