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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

PhD Researcher

Name: Ms. Gillian O'Loughlin

Contact email address: gillian.oloughlin3@mail.dcu.ie

For Qualification of Study: M.Sc.

Research Title: An analysis of the Energy Demands, Nutritional Status and Energy Balance of Professional Irish Jockeys.

Horse racing is a weight category sport, which necessitates jockeys maintain a strict body weight to compete. In order to provide appropriate nutritional advice it is necessary to establish the specific physical demands and energy requirements specific to their sport. On behalf of the Irish Turf Club, we are currently conducting an extensive study into the dietary intakes of jockeys on both a race day and a non race day. By looking at both energy expenditure and energy intake we hope to be able to make nutritional recommendations and provide accurate information to these athletes to maintain physiological function and health as well as optimising athletic performance.

Supervisor: Dr. Giles Warrington