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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

PhD Researcher

Name: Mr. Joe Warne

Contact email address:

For Qualification of Study: PhD

Research Title: The effect of barefoot simulated running on physiological variables related to endurance performance and injury prevention.

This research will investigate changes related to footwear condition on physiological and biomechanical variables. The studies will take place using Vibram "Five Fingers", as well as other minimalist shoes and traditional runners. Research to this point has questioned the need for "structure" and "support" in running shoes and there are speculations that this may in fact lead to more injuries, as well as weaker feet and lower limbs. My study will investigate if running barefoot reduces ground loading and mechanics and also if the change in technique will make you run more efficiently. A large amount of focus will be on the effect of barefoot habituation on the current generation of runners and associated changes.

Supervisor: Dr. Giles Warrington


Warne and Warrington, 2011. The effect of Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) on exercise recovery and subsequent performance of maximal short term effort. European Congress of Sports Science, Liverpool 2011.