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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

MSc. Researcher

Name: Ms. Sarah Chadwick

Contact email address: Sarah Chadwick

For Qualification of Study: MSc.

Research Title: Correlates of Physical Activity Participation, Physical Health and Physical Activity Enjoyment Among Children and Adolescents

The Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity (CSPPA) was a cross-sectional study of 10-18 year old children and youth in Ireland that was carried out in 2009 by Dublin City University, University of Limerick and University College Cork. Data was collected on physical activity levels, physical education, extra-curricular sport participation, extra-school club participation, commuting and sedentariness among 10 - 18 year olds. Physical activity enjoyment has emerged as an important determinant of physical activity among youth. Using the CSPPA database, I aim to examine the demographic, behavioural and psychological correlates of enjoyment of physical activity, with the overall aim of creating a model of physical activity enjoyment for this population.

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Woods