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School of Health & Human Performance

School of Health and Human Performance

PhD Researcher

Name: Ms. Siobhan O Connor

Contact email address: Siobhan O Connor

For Qualification of Study: Ph.D.

Research Title: The effect of training, neuromuscular control, flexibility and biomechanical malalignment on injury rate in Gaelic Football

Injuries have been found to be prevalent in Gaelic Football and in order to ensure best practice for prevention of these injuries two aspects need to be identified. Causative factors for injury need to be analysed to see if there are any factors that are leading to injury. Secondly, normative data on injury occurrence needs to be collected. We will look at 250 Gaelic football players aged 16-18. Initially they will complete 4 functional tests. Following this they will fill in a Training Diary daily over two years to assess their level of Training. If any injuries occur they will be examined by the researchers in order to quantify the level of injury. It is hoped to decipher the main causes of injury in Gaelic Football so that more evidence-based methods of prevention can be used in this sport.

Supervisor: Dr. Kieran Moran

Secondary Supervisor: Dr Noel McCaffrey