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School of Health & Human Performance

 School of Health and Human Performance

MSc. Researcher

Name: Mr. Stephen Cleary

Contact email address: stephen.cleary6@mail.dcu.ie

For Qualification of Study: MSc.

Research Title: The effects of diverse breathing strategies on exercise performance

This research investigates the effects of alternative breathing strategies to improve exercise performance which can be limited by the respiratory system. Respiration is primarily an autonomic process and numerous limitations and inefficiencies have been demonstrated in the human respiratory system. There exists a synchronisation between locomotion and respiration, referred to as locomotor-respiratory coupling (LRC), which may increase efficiency with tighter coupling. Control can be voluntarily overridden, allowing the use of diverse breathing strategies. Alternative breathing patterns can have powerful physiological effects and application to exercise may effect a positive change in LRC, and therefore improvements in exercise performance.

Supervisor: Dr.Davide Susta