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PhD Researcher

Name: Mr. Alan Armstrong

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For Qualification of Study: Ph.D.

Research Title: Implications of Multisensory Motor Learning on Pupils' Fundamental Motor Skills

My research involves assessing the effect of different sensory stimuli (vision, touch and sound) on a person's motor coordination and the coordination between two people. The main aim is to assess the weight of each sensory modality on motor coordination thus providing a clearer picture of how people are affected by different stimuli when attempting to coordinate a motor skill or activity. The research will also involve using different combinations of these stimuli again assessing the effect that this will have on motor coordination. The findings from this research could have many applications in everyday life, learning and among people with specific disabilities.

Supervisor: Dr. Johann Issartel

Funding: Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET)



Armstrong, A., Issartel, J., Varlet, M., Marin, L. (2011). Effect of Frequency and Visual Stimuli on Rhythmic Coordination. 16th International Conference on Perception and Action, Ouro Preto (Brazil).