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PhD Researcher

Name: Mr. Ciaran McGinn

Contact email address:

For Qualification of Study: PhD.

Research Title: Characterization of the Palladin protein in the vasculature

Palladin is a relatively newly discovered protein that exists in different sized forms, and can be present in multiple cell types. I am investigating these different types, and how they function in the vasculature, with particular interest towards human aortic endothelial cells. The protein is important as it binds to many other structural proteins in the cell, and contributes towards organization of the cell structure, adhesion and movement. Over-expression has been shown to occur in certain cancers. Through mimicking the conditions of blood flow in vessels, I aim to investigate the precise role palladin plays in the human vascular system.

Funding: HEA (under PRTLI-IV, as part of DCU's Targeted Therapeutics and Theranostics (T3) Programme)

Supervisor: Dr. Ronan Murphy



North American Vascular Biology Organisation : Workshops in Vascular Biology 2011.