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PATHway newsletter issue 3

PATHway provides individualised cardiac rehabilitation program, socially inclusive exercise sessions as the basis upon which to provide a personalized, comprehensive lifestyle intervention program (managing exercise/physical activity, smoking, diet, stress management, alcohol use etc.) to enable patients to both better understand and deal with their own condition and to lead a healthier lifestyle

PATHway is a European Horizon 2020 project, started in February 2015.The Consortium is composed by 10 partners from 7 European countries

The PATHway team is half way through the project, the research and technical development of the cardiac rehabilitation PATHway platform has been completed and now the remaining development will focus on the clinical trial and evaluation phases. The trial is going to be run in two countries, Ireland and Belgium, in order to investigate PATHway in a broad setting. For the most recent news letter from PATHway click here

2nd May, 2017