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School of Health & Human Performance

Name:  Robert Wallace 

Contact telephone number:  +353 (0)1 1700 8824

Contact e-mail address:

Qualifications to date:  B.Sc (Hons.) Bioanalytical Science
Currently completing Ph.D at Dublin City University

Research title:  Epigenetic re-modelling of the vascular interior

Year commenced:  2012

Anticipated year of completion:  2016

Supervisor:  Dr. Ronan Murphy

Research summary: 
My research focuses on the epigenetic changes caused to vascular cells due to differing types of blood flow.  Blood vessels are readily capable of re-modelling/altering themselves in response to hemodynamic prompts associated with variations in blood flow, implying an epigenetic response. Hence, we investigate and define these changes through in vitro organotypic modelling of the vascular interior, with subsequent analysis of extracted genetic material (RNA and microRNA).  Advanced technological platforms, such as the Ibidi® perfusion system, enable fine control of the cellular micro-environment and facilitate a wide variety of experimental investigations.

This work was funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC).