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School of Health & Human Performance

Present Postgraduate Research 

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Ms Orlaith Duff

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Mr Eoin Durkan


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Ms Emma Burrows


Ms Jennifer Kavanagh

Mr. David Gaul

Ms. Denise Walsh


Ms. Danielle Powell

Ms.Michelle Hardie


Name: Anna Donnla O’Hagan


Past Postgraduate Research


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Project Title

Qualification of Study

Mr. Alan Armstrong

Implications of Multisensory Motor Learning on Pupils' Fundamental Motor Skills  Ph.D.

Dr. Rob Bruce Brand

Effect of Resistance Training and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Arthroscopically Confirmed Knee Osteoarthritis  MD

Mr. Stephen Cleary

The effects of diverse breathing strategies on exercise performance  MSc.

Mr. Cathal Cregg

Effect moderate and high intensity training on speed and power in Gaelic football players  Ph.D.

Mr. Bryan Cullen

Effect moderate and high intensity training on speed and power in Gaelic football players    Ph.D.

Ms. SarahJane Cullen

Physiological Health and Performance of Irish Horse Racing Jockeys   Ph.D.

Ms. Sarah Chadwick

Correlates of Physical Activity Participation, Physical Health and Physical Activity Enjoyment Among Children and Adolescents  MSc.

Ms. Maura Coulter

Investigating contextualised professional development in primary physical education   Ph.D.

Ms. Carol Dunning

The Development of a Cooperating Physical Education Teachers' Programme (COPET)  MSc.

Ms. Paula Fitzpatrick

The effects of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on high-intensity intermittent exercise, recovery from exercise and subsequent performance in rugby union players.    Ph.D.

Ms. Lorraine Fitzsimons

The Cleaner, Greener, Leaner study: Walkability in the Greater Dublin Area    Ph.D.

Ms. Brona Furlong

Effect of Exercise on Vascular Health in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease  Ph.D.

Ms.Sarah Hughes

Effect of Exercise on Vascular Health in Men and Women with Coronary Artery Disease  Ph.D.

Mr. David Kelly

Physiological responses to low volume high intensity interval training and endurance training in Gaelic games players  Ph.D.

Ms. Antonia Martin

An examination of how to sustain long-term adherence to physical activity following a cardiac event.  MSc.

Mr. Gregory May

Application of Novel Sensing Technologies and Event Detection in Sport and Physical Activity  Ph.D.

Ms. Nadine McGale

Exploring the effectiveness of alternative interventions on indices of psychological health in young males   Ph.D.

Mr. Ciaran McGinn

Characterization of the Palladin protein in the vasculature  Ph.D.

Mr. Javier Monedero

How effective are 'exergames' in providing physical activity for adults?  Ph.D.

Mr. Tony Farell

Developing a scoring system for the single leg squat  MSc.

Mr. Wesley O'Brien

Youth Physical Activity Towards Health (Y-PATH)   Ph.D.

Mr. Paul O'Connor

Endothelial Microparticles and Exercise  Ph.D.

Ms. Siobhan O'Connor

The effect of training, neuromuscular control, flexibility and biomechanical malalignment on injury rate in Gaelic Football  Ph.D.

Mr. Kevin O'Hara

Effect of Exercise on Postprandial Lipemia and Endothelial Dysfunction in Peripheral Arterial Disease  Ph.D.

Ms. Gillian O'Loughlin

An analysis of the Energy Demands, Nutritional Status and Energy Balance of Professional Irish Jockeys.   MSc.

Mr. Joshua Ong

The Role of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in the Management of Knee Arthritis  MD

Mr. Chris Richter

Comparison of analysis methods in biomechanics  Ph.D.

Dr. Shahril Shaarani

The Effect of Prehabilitation on the Outcome of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  MD

Ms. Grace Sheridan

Exploring the Treatment of Eating Disorders (ED) in Ireland: Service Users' Perspectives  Ph.D.

Ms. Crionna Tobin

Optimization of Muscle Glycogen Metabolism in Gaelic Football  Ph.D.

Mr. Joe Warne

The effect of barefoot simulated running on physiological variables related to endurance performance and injury prevention.   Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Whelan

Sided Gaelic Football Games in Prepubescent Children and Adolescents  Ph.D.